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About Us

We love spending time with our kids. But it's not always easy finding what we're able to get up to in our local area. Whether it's going through a long list, the expense or even seeing what's available, it's not straight forward.
Our app, Sprog, solves these problems by helping you find activities that are fun, accessible and suitable for your budget.

Jordan's Story

(Creator of Sprog)

For me, there’s nothing more important than my kids!
As a parent with two boys, I am always trying to find fun activities that will enable us to spend quality time together.

However, I was finding that I regularly went to the same places and did the same things. The boys were getting bored, and frankly, I was getting bored too. I thought there must be other fun things that we could be doing. I started speaking to parents and found that many were facing similar issues.

Whether families were close to home or further afield, they struggled to find a variety of fun ways to spend quality time with their kids.
From this, Sprog was born.

Sprog is a platform to connect activities to our community of families. The free app for families allows direct access to all of the things in their community and then to be able to book directly with any activity or event and make the best day out possible.

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